Noisy Fan At A Ginnel

Christmas Tree, Harrogate Town Centre

WH Smiths, Harrogate

The Sound Of Melting Snow (Harrogate)

Outside M&S Harrogate

Outside Jessops, Harrogate

Gambaru Crossing

Brown Long-Eared Bat, Valley Gardens

Outside Bass & Bligh, Harrogate

Back Dragon Parade, Dawn Chorus

ASDA, Bower Road

Harrogate Train Station Platform, Night

Blackbird, Dragon Parade

Cold Bath Road

Breeze In The Trees, Valley Garden's Boating Pond

Leaves Blowing Around A Fire-Escape, Back Dragon Parade

A Grapevine In The Breeze

Distant Fireworks

Pothole Repairs, Dragon Road

Fish & Chips

Bower Road Tunnels

Pride March (Quiet Part)

The Ginnel, Outside Space

Pride March, Montpellier

Pride March, Launch (2018)

Inside Creao Studio

Dawn Chorus // Back Dragon Avenue, Harrogate

A Cross Section Of Dragon Parade, During The Pandemic

Skipton Road, Midday

East Parade Take-Away

Clap For Carers - Dragon Parade, Harrogate

Dragon Parade to Claro Road - An Audio Walk In Harrogate

Owl, Mayfield Terrace - Harrogate

Birdsong, Springtime - Ripley

Birdsong - Leyland Road

Bower Road, Up East Parade - An Audio Walk

A Street Corner, High Harrogate

Binaural Domestication

A Morning Cup Of Tea

Opening Up: Commercial Street at 9am

Dawn Chorus: Nidderdale Greenway at 5am